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City Council Priority: Housing

Housing affordability is a crisis across our entire community, but our City’s communities of color are feeling it most deeply and Tacoma’s Black community experiences the worst impacts. The roots of this crisis are deep, including racist policies such as residential redlining and racially restrictive covenants. The symptoms of this crisis are felt today and are getting worse, from a disproportionate number of Black residents experiencing homelessness to more of the families who work in Tacoma (teachers, fire fighters, food workers, etc.) struggling to afford their rent or mortgage to live here.


To be anti-racist in our approach to housing, we must ensure that we do everything we can to prevent the displacement of current residents, especially Black Tacoma residents. This means:

  • Creating more units of housing
  • Preserving existing housing
  • Helping residents afford the current housing they are in
  • Removing barriers to housing for people who often experience them

More information about how this priority will help transform Tacoma will be added soon. Please visit this web page again soon.