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For Businesses

Businesses are cornerstones in a healthy and vibrant community. There are community resources to help Tacoma businesses address concerns about homeless encampments around their businesses to help employees and customers feel safe.


Positive Interactions 

Positive Interactions helps connect people who are experiencing homelessness and who are living in their vehicles or in urban encampments get connected with resources to help them get services and housing assistance as well as medical attention when needed. 


Many times business owners, managers and employees are the first to see the signs of people experiencing homelessness. Positive Interactions is a tool for businesses to use to help.


Three Ways the Program Works

Business outreach and engagement to build relationships with the people who work in business areas.

  • Owners, managers and employees are able to use our resource seven days a week by calling (253) 382-2677.
  • Our goal is to respond to a report of a person experiencing homelessness within two hours of a call.

Resource outreach and engagement to people who are experiencing homelessness.

  • We will speak with and transport the person to a safe place so they can access resources.

Encampment cleanups to help businesses promote safe and clean communities.

  • We offer businesses help with cleaning up encampments twice.

The City also, provides Crime Prevention through Environmental Design strategies to help property owners prevent criminal activity on their properties. 


Comprehensive Life Resources also provides the PATH Program in Pierce County. The federally funded program assists people who are experiencing homelessness and have a mental health concern or co-occurring disorders.