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Community Cleanups

Community Cleanup Program

The Community Cleanup Program is partnership between the City and neighborhood groups. The program provides:

  • One cleanup opportunity per year to each neighborhood.
  • Opportunity for residents and neighborhood groups to come together to take trash out of their neighborhood.
  • Dumpsters are delivered to pre-determined designated sites on cleanup day.
  • Neighborhood Volunteers and City staff are on site to assist residents during drop off of materials.
  • Residents who live in single-family or duplex homes are eligible to participate in the program for FREE.
Items Accepted  Items Not Accepted
  • Any unwanted household items not listed as 'not accepted'
  • Donations that meet Goodwill and/or NW Furniture Bank guidelines
  • Tires (limit of 10 per household)
  • Scrap metal
  • Furniture and mattresses
  • Refrigerators 
  • Household batteries
  • Items from businesses
  • Car, motorcycle, camper or boat parts
  • Truck canopies, trailers, boats, or recreational vehicles
  • Daily household garbage (items that can go in the kitchen garbage can)
  • Animal carcasses
  • Roofing/construction material
  • Vegetation (always free at the landfill)
  • Hazardous waste (always free at the landfill)
  • Car batteries

This year paper shredding will not be available as part of the Community Cleanup, but separate shredding events will be made available to residents. Details about those events will be posted to this page once available.


2020 Cleanup Event Schedule

Below is the schedule of 2020 cleanup events including which providers will be on-site to accept donations of gently used items. 


Date Location Address Time Donation Service 
 4/18 Swan Creek Park Postponed Will Reschedule NW Furniture Bank
4/25  Edison Elementary Postponed Will Reschedule NW Furniture Bank
 5/2 Larchmont Elementary 8601 E B St 10 AM-1:45 PM

NW Furniture Bank


 5/9 Franklin Elementary 1402 S Lawrence St 9 AM-12:45 PM NW Furniture Bank and Goodwill
 5/16 Jennie Reed Elementary School 1802 S 36th St 9 AM-1:45 PM NW Furniture Bank
5/30  University of Puget Sound (N 11th and N Union) 1500 N Warner St 10 AM-1:45 PM

NW Furniture Bank and Goodwill

6/13 St Ann Church 7025 S Park Ave 9 AM-1:45 PM

NW Furniture Bank

6/20 Tacoma Dome Parking Lot G 2727 E D St 9 AM-1:45 PM

NW Furniture Bank

6/27 Tacoma Community College 6501 S 19th St 9 AM-12:45 PM

NW Furniture Bank and Goodwill

7/11 Evergreen State College 1210 6th Ave 9 AM-1:45 PM

NW Furniture Bank and Goodwill

7/18 Meeker Middle School 4402 Nassau Ave NE 10 AM-1:45 PM NW Furniture Bank and Goodwill
7/25 Bates Technical College-South Campus 2201 S 78th St 10 AM-1:45 PM NW Furniture Bank and Goodwill
8/1 South Lakeshore Christian Church 1740 S 84th St 10 AM-1:45 PM

NW Furniture Bank and Goodwill

8/8 Jason Lee Middle School 602 N Sprague Ave 10 AM-1:45 PM NW Furniture Bank and Goodwill


Volunteer at your Community Cleanup 

The community cleanup program would not be possible without community volunteers. If you'd like to get to know your neighbors and improve your neighborhood, consider volunteering! Contact the City coordinator for details.


Find Your 2020 Community Cleanup

If you are unsure which cleanup area you qualify for, please type your address in the map below to be directed to your cleanup.  



Frequently Asked Questions


What documentation do I bring for check-in?

To verify your address, we need one of the following:

  • Identification showing your current address
  • The invitation postcard mailed to your home (arrives approximately two weeks prior to the cleanup)
  • Other mail or utility bill that verifies your address

Will paper shredding be available?

Paper shredding will not be offered at any of the 2020 Community Cleanup events; however, separate shredding events are being organized by the City. Details of those events will be posted on this page once they become available.

Can I participate if I live outside of a community cleanup boundary?

If your home address does not have a community cleanup assigned, call the City coordinator for help. The City may add you to the list of eligible addresses for a different cleanup. 


Please note that only City of Tacoma residents living in single family homes or duplexes will qualify to be added to a cleanup.

Is there a limit on the number of trips I can make to the cleanup?

No. You may make as many trips as necessary during the scheduled event. It is important that all items brought to the cleanup are from personal use (not business use) at the qualifying address.

Will I have help unloading items that I bring to the cleanup?

Attendees are expected to be able to unload their own items, but volunteers are often available to assist. We recommend that you bring someone who can help unload your items if you are unable to do so yourself.


Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact our Community Cleanup Coordinator at (253) 591-5634 or via email.