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Community Cleanups

Community Cleanup Program

The Community Cleanup Program is partnership between the City and neighborhood groups. The program provides:

  • One cleanup opportunity per year to each neighborhood.
  • Opportunity for residents and neighborhood groups to come together to take trash out of their neighborhood.
  • Dumpsters are delivered to pre-determined designated sites on cleanup day.
  • Neighborhood Volunteers and City staff are on site to assist residents during drop off of materials.
  • Paper shredding services are available
  • Residents who live in single-family or duplex homes are eligible to participate in the program for FREE.

To view the results of the 2019 Community Cleanup, click here.

Now Accepting Applications for the 2020 Community Cleanups Through November 20, 2019

The Community Cleanup Program brings dumpsters to a spot in your neighborhood and allows qualifying residents to dump unwanted items for free.


Community cleanups are hosted in collaboration with neighborhood organizers. Neighborhood organizers are responsible to:

  • Recruit and manage volunteers to help at the event
  • Promote the event

If you believe that your neighborhood could benefit from an opportunity to remove unwanted and unsightly items, apply to host a Community Cleanup! Applications for the 2020 program are due November 20, 2019.


What to Do Before You Apply to Host a Community Cleanup

The application does not have a save feature so you will need to be prepared with the following when you begin:

  • Organizer's contact information
  • Alternate contact information
  • Desired cleanup date
  • Desired cleanup boundaries
  • Volunteer contact to handle community questions

Review all these application instructions prior to applying.


If you are prepared with the information above, complete the 2020 Community Cleanup Application no later than November 20, 2020 to be considered.

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