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'Compassionate Tacoma' Launched

'Compassionate Tacoma' Launched


March 4, 2020


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Mayor Victoria Woodards Launches ‘Compassionate Tacoma’ Initiative 
During 2020 State of the City Address

TACOMA, Wash. – This evening, Mayor Victoria Woodards launched “Compassionate Tacoma” – an initiative encouraging Tacoma residents and businesses to take specific actions in support of fostering a more welcoming, connected, vibrant and resilient community.

“Many of the issues we face will come and go, but the impact of how we treat each other will last many lifetimes,” said Mayor Woodards. “By listening and serving others with love and ensuring that every action we take is founded in compassion, we help shape the brightest possible future for our city.”

Residents and businesses can text “I’m all in” to (253) 650-0588 or visit cityoftacoma.org/compassionate to express support for the “Compassionate Tacoma” initiative and be alerted to future “Compassionate Tacoma” initiative announcements and event notifications.

Details on the following opportunities for residents and businesses who express support for the “Compassionate Tacoma” initiative will be announced soon:

  • Recognition of community members who embody “Compassionate Tacoma” values
  • Engagement in community service opportunities established in partnership with United Way 

In a recent community survey conducted by the City of Tacoma, more than 75 percent of surveyed residents indicated that they come to Council meetings or City events, belong to community or faith groups, or actively volunteer. However, only 22 percent indicated that they feel their civic engagement and service is “impactful” or “very impactful” to the community. 

“This indicates that our community members may doubt the value of their connections and contributions,” said Mayor Woodards. “Through this initiative, I want to underscore that their engagement is not only valued, it is vital. And, in turn, every interaction the City has with community members is an opportunity to earn their trust and strengthen relationships.” 

Noting that Tacoma – like many cities across the nation – is working to address issues such as homelessness, housing affordability, equity and climate change, Mayor Woodards highlighted diversity, and constructive communication, as key to the development of transformative and innovative solutions. 

“Compassion is not refraining from speaking our truths,” said Mayor Woodards. “In fact, it is about dropping the weapons that often come with our words, and speaking our truths with the kind of love described by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

The “Compassionate Tacoma” initiative supports several indicators of opportunity listed in the Tacoma 2025 Strategic Plan, a living document which guides where the City of Tacoma – as both a local government organization and a community – is headed:

  • Increase the percentage of residents who believe they are able to have a positive impact on the community and express trust in the public institutions in Tacoma.
  • Increase the number of residents who participate civically through volunteering and voting.
  • Increase positive perception of safety and overall quality of life.

More information about the “Compassionate Tacoma” initiative is available at cityoftacoma.org/compassionate. Questions, or requests for information in alternate formats, may be directed to Melanie Harding in the Office of Mayor Victoria Woodards at melanie.harding@cityoftacoma.org or (253) 591-5156.