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City Council Priority: Belief and Trust

Why do some people get involved while others often do not? The answer often comes down to whether they trust the public institutions that are asking to engage with them, as well as whether or not they feel like their input and efforts will be considered and have an impact.


Communities of color, and particularly the Black community, have experienced generations of being silenced and their concerns ignored or not taken into consideration when governments made decisions, and many of those decisions have harmed their community.


To be anti-racist and build trust in our communities, we must: 

  • Increase the number of people who vote
  • Remove barriers to ensure diversity of the people who participate civically
  • Ensure that more Tacoma residents have experiences that reinforce their positive impact on the community
  • Ensure more decisions are made collaboratively with communities of color

More information about how this priority will help transform Tacoma will be added soon. Please visit this web page again soon.