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Dash Cameras

In support of our transformational efforts toward transparency, efficiency, safety and accountability, we are evaluating and considering the implementation of a police vehicle dash cameras program.


We are in the process of conducting an assessment of dash cameras, to include a full technical evaluation of the dash camera hardware and software. Two vehicles will be outfitted with the dash cam system and will be tested throughout Tacoma.  The vehicles will not be in service while performing these tests and no actual policing activity will be recorded by the system.


Once completed, the trial results will be part of a larger assessment in helping us select the system that will best enhance community safety for our residents.


Our Program Will Be Responsive and Transparent

We have been researching and reviewing policies, practices and technologies to ensure that Tacoma implements a system that is responsive and transparent. Our program will include policies that address:

  • Washington State Legislative requirements
  • Requirement to use the system
  • When to activate a camera
  • When officers can review dash camera footage (i.e. before writing a report)
  • When and how to download recordings
  • Who has access to recording after download
  • When supervisors can or should review footage (i.e. complaints)
  • Unauthorized use
  • Public disclosure and redaction process
  • How to protect crime victims and specifically domestic violence victims' rights


Benefits of Dash Cameras

Police dash cameras have been shown to provide several benefits, including:

  • Improve accountability
  • Improve evidentiary outcomes
  • Enhance the safety of, and improve interactions between, officers and the community


Steps to Implementation

We are anticipating the review and assessment of Dash Camera Systems will be completed by the end of this year and the implementation of the dash cameras to begin in late 2022.


Work Flow for Dash Cams Implementation