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Police Reform

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Resolution 40622 was passed by the Tacoma City Council on June 30, 2020, laying the foundation to transform the City of Tacoma into an anti-racist organization.


The historic and present day impacts government has created and perpetrated on communities of color for more than 400 years in the United States, and beyond, must be addressed through a commitment to anti-racist policies, practices and service delivery. We recognize that racism has been and will continue to be embedded in the institutions and structures unless we are explicit that any policy is considered racist unless it is anti-racist.


Tacoma Police Department Committed to Lead Transformation of Institutional and Structural Racism 

While institutional and structural racism is in every system throughout our City, State and Nation, we will transform, and the Tacoma Police Department will lead this transformation. We have entered into a contract with 21st Century Policing Solutions to provide a review, critique and recommendations on how our police force can lead 21st Century Policing in Anti-Racism. 


Ways to Provide Feedback on the Tacoma Police Department Analysis

If you have feedback for our consultant, 21st Century Policing Solutions, as they conduct the current state analysis of the Tacoma Police Department operations, please email your feedback to voicesoftacoma@21cpsolutions.com.


Current Anti-Racism Efforts by Tacoma Police Include: