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Solid Waste

  • Collection of garbage from every home and business in Tacoma
  • Collection of recyclables and yard/food waste from all homes and many businesses in Tacoma
  • Recycling of 27,900 tons of metal, plastics, paper, glass and other materials every year
  • Recycling of 40,000 tons of yard and food waste every year
  • Safe disposal of 350 tons of Household Hazardous Waste every year
  • Neighborhood cleanups; nuisance, code enforcement and blight cleanup
  • Call-2-Haul bulk collection service for residents


  • Protection of Commencement Bay, Puget Sound and tributaries from polluted runoff
  • Operation and maintenance of stormwater structures - including 500 miles of pipes, 22,000-plus catch basins (storm drains), four pump stations and numerous detention ponds/structures - to protect urban areas from flooding
  • Innovative stormwater treatment systems
  • Stormwater system inspections and monitoring
  • Habitat restoration in wetlands, tidelands and uplands


  • Prevention of untreated sewage from flowing to Commencement Bay and freshwater streams
  • Reclamation of billions of gallons of water every year
  • Generation of biogas for energy
  • Manufacture of TAGRO premium gardening projects, including 32,000 cubic yards of TAGRO Mix
  • Operation, maintenance and replacement of the City’s wastewater collection, transmission and treatment systems


Questions About Your Bill?

Environmental Services

Tacoma Public Utilities

Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water Rates

Tacoma Public Utilities manages the (drinking) Water and Power utilities in Tacoma. Please visit the below listed Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water web pages for their current rate breakdowns:


Tacoma Power

Tacoma Water


TPU Customer Services/Billing: (253) 502-8600


2023-2024 Rate and Budget Process Outreach

Environmental Services and TPU staff host a variety of outreach events to provide an opportunity for members of the community to learn how the utility rates process works and to hear about potential rate adjustments before they go into effect. Both online and virtual opportunities are available.


Click here to view a list of upcoming meetings and past presentations.


Need Help Paying Your Utility Bill?

The five utilities - Solid Waste, Surface Water, Wastewater, Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water - have a number of services to help customers who qualify for help paying their bills. See payment assistance for more information or call (253) 502-8369.


Utility Bill Payment Assistance Program Brochures








Utility Scams

Protect yourself from payment scammers by understanding what types of scams are being run and what to do if you get a suspicious call or email about your bill. Tacoma Public Utilities takes the security of our customers seriously and wants you to be prepared if you are contacted by a scammer.

Phone scams: Sophisticated scammers use spoofing technology to look and sound like us. Their caller ID can show as TPU’s Customer Service line (253-502-8600). If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to represent TPU and demanding payment, hang up immediately.

Email scams: New email scams can involve fake utility bills being emailed that say payment is due immediately. You may even receive a fake bill from a utility outside of our area. If you receive an email with a bill that looks different from your normal bill or asks for personal information like your Social Security or credit card numbers, you should delete the email and not click on any links.

Environmental Services/Tacoma Public Utilities will never:

  • Call, email, or make a home visit demanding immediate payment.
  • Call, email, or make a home visit requesting credit card, banking, or financial information.
  • Request payment on a prepaid card.
  • Shut off service without providing written notice at least 7 days in advance.

Click here to learn more.

How are Environmental Services' Rates Determined?

The City of Tacoma values a close relationship with its citizens. That relationship is essential in creating fair, responsive, and cost-effective Environmental Services utility rates and programs.


The Environmental Services Commission (ESC) was created to represent the best interests of our residents and businesses by asking a broad range of representatives to learn about our programs and services, analyze our budget, and help make recommendations on behalf of the community members we serve. The ESC reviews and make recommendations to the city council, the city manager, and city staff on wastewater, surface water, and solid waste rates and rate structures, as well as services, policies, and programs developed by the department. The ESC's 15 members, all appointed by the city manager, represent a cross-section of Tacoma's residential, business, and regulatory communities. 


2021-2022 Environmental Services Commission Rate Revenue Presentation


Wastewater, Surface Water, and Solid Waste Cost of Service Rate Study

In early 2016, the City of Tacoma Environmental Services Department engaged Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc. (RFC) to update the financial plan and cost of service rate study for its three utilities: wastewater management, surface water management, and solid waste management. The goal of the study was to ensure that rates are equitable to all customer classes while also providing the ability to recover sufficient revenue to fund the operating and capital expenses of the utilities, thus ensuring financial stability. Rate models for each of the utilities were developed as an important part of the study and have since been improved and continue to provide financial projections and rate proposals contained in this report.

View the 2019-2020 Environmental Services Rate Report.

Utility Rates:
Solid Waste






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TPU Customer Services

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Environmental Services

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Rate Ordinances:

TMC Code Chapter 12 (Utilities)

Ordinance No. 28762