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Special Permits

The City of Tacoma asserts exclusive and universal control over the business of all solid waste collection, management, and disposal within the Tacoma city limits (12.09.020). In addition, the City of Tacoma Municipal Code 12.09.070 regulates the collection, removal, processing, and disposal of solid and infectious waste, including recyclable materials from within the City limits, by anyone other than City personnel or by anything other than City equipment. However, the City recognizes that there are some circumstances that can preclude the City’s Solid Waste Management from providing the services necessary for some customers and therefore the City has a Special Permit program to address these activities.


Special Permit Needed for Transporting Waste

Transporting waste requires a special hauling permit. To receive a permit, please complete the following steps:

Weight reports for the previous year are required when submitting your application. If the Washington State Department of Ecology:

a. Requires you to complete the Annual Recycling Survey, please download it, fill it out, and attach it to your application.

b. Does not require you to fill out the Annual Recycling Survey, please download and complete this template , and attach it to your application.


Next Steps:

  1. Your application will be reviewed and responded to within two weeks. You will receive an email from Smartsheet when your application is approved, denied, or if more information is needed. The email may prompt you to click the update form link to complete requested updates.

  2. When approved or denied for a Special Permit, you will also receive documents via Certified Mail.

If you need additional assistance, email swsp@cityoftacoma.org.