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The following dependents are eligible for coverage on your benefit plans.   When you request to enroll a new dependent on your plan(s) you will be required to provide a dependent eligibility form and supporting documentation.  Please review the Dependent Verification Form to identify required documentation and timelines for submitting the documentation.

  • Your legal spouse
  • Your domestic partner (same sex or opposite sex) as defined in RCW 26.60
  • Your, your spouse's, or domestic partner's natural child, adopted child, step child, or child  legally placed with you or your spouse or domestic partner for adoption under the age of 26
  • A child for whom you or your spouse or domestic partner have court‑appointed legal guardianship
  • Your, your spouse's, or domestic partner's otherwise eligible child who is over the age of 26 and the affidavit of dependent eligibility form to your Plan Administrator and it has been approved by the Plan Administrator has been submitted and approved.

Child age 26 and over:  Any dependent disabled child, over the age of 26 who otherwise meets the criteria for “child” and is incapacitated due to developmental disability, physical handicap, or a mental health diagnosis, that would prevent the child from establishing and maintaining consistent employment or independence, provided the child was covered on the day before the 26th birthday and the incapacity occurred prior to the 26th birthday.


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