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Access Employee Self Service Anywhere

You can log-on to Employee Self Service (ESS) from any computer within the City Network to update your family members and dependents, contact information, beneficiaries, deferred compensation contribution, plus many additional options. You can also access benefit plan information, tools and resources that are available to you and your family. 

Employee Benefits Guide
Who to Contact for your Health Insurance Needs
Who to contact to change your beneficiaries

Employees are entitled to great benefits through employment with the City of Tacoma. Some of these benefit programs are administered by the City, some are through other agencies or third-party administrators, and some are through a union affiliation. It is important to keep them all up-to-date. Don’t forget that you may also have some personal life insurance policies or retirement accounts outside of the City that you will need to update. With information listed across these various benefit programs, you may need to go multiple places to review the information and make any needed changes. 


How to Make Changes in Employee Self Service (ESS)

How to Change Dependent Social Security Numbers in ESS
How to Change Your Life Insurance Beneficiaries in ESS
How to Change Your Deferred Compensation Contributions in ESS
How to Change Your Address in ESS

Employee Communications

2019 Open Enrollment Benefits Newsletter
2019 Open Enrollment Benefits Presentation Recording
2019 Open Enrollment Benefits Newsletter (Local 6)
UPDATED-Flexible Spending and Deferred Comp Limits

Benefits Enrollment Sessions

Benefit eligible employees are required to attend an enrollment and information session in order to sign up for City benefits. Permanent employees accomplish this through the semi-weekly New Employee Orientation (NEO) sessions scheduled through the Training and Development Division of Human Resources.


If you are a Temporary Employee, you are required to attend benefits orientation held the month prior to the start of your benefits eligibility, which is the first of the month after 60 days of employment. Please contact the Benefits Office at (253) 573-2345 for scheduling or questions.


Submit Forms to the Benefits Office

  • Scan/email to benefits@cityoftacoma.org
  • In person at the Tacoma Municipal Building or Tacoma Public Utilities
  • Interoffice mail to Human Resources/Benefits TMB 1420

Questions and Comments

Contact the Benefits Team at (253) 573-2345 or via email at benefits@cityoftacoma.org.


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