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Tacoma Municipal Court Forms

Tacoma Municipal Court Forms


Trial Readiness Order

Petition for Deferred Prosecution

Finding, Conclusions, and Order Granting Deferred Prosecution

Forms for Change of Plea Hearings

The following forms are available for Change of Plea Hearings at the Tacoma Municipal Court.  


Waiver of Speedy Trial 

Statement of Defendant on Plea of Guilty

Stipulation and Order of Continuance on Agreed Conditions (SOC)

Statement of Defendant on Submittal or Stipulation to Facts

Waiver of Jury Trial 


Procedures for Virtual Criminal Resolutions in Tacoma Municipal Court

  1. Parties reach an agreed resolution. 

  2. Defense prepares plea paperwork (guilty plea, stipulation to facts, or SOC forms).

  3. Defense attorney confirms acceptance of offer with client, confirms client’s ability to appear virtually, reviews paperwork with client and confirms client’s email address and mailing address. For defense attorney signature, the defense attorney types in own name, or affixes electronic signature. The defendant’s signature line is left blank.    

  4. Defense then emails the completed paperwork to Prosecutor (tacomapros@cityoftacoma.org) and a copy to defendant’s email address. The Prosecutor will electronically sign.

  5. The Prosecutor will review paperwork, sign it, and email it to the court by using the appropriate department email:  Municipalcourtdept1@cityoftacoma.org (Judge Ladenburg/Commissioner Ball); Municipalcourtdept2@cityoftacoma.org (Judge Henke) or Municipalcourtdept3@cityoftacoma.org (Judge Christopher). The Prosecutor will forward any necessary paperwork to enter resolution as well (i.e., police report for a stipulation, etc.) The court does not file these documents upon receipt, rather, they will only be filed when the stipulation/guilty plea is accepted by the Court.

  6. Upon receipt of the required documents, the Court will set a Change of Plea date. Court will then mail a copy of the summons along with Zoom information to all parties at least five business days prior to court date. Defense attorney should make sure the court has defendant’s email address on file by emailing the defendant’s email address to the appropriate department email prior to the Zoom plea.

  7. If the defense has any information for the court to consider at time of resolution (i.e., treatment reports, letters of support, etc.) the defense attorney will email that to the court by using the department email address and will send a copy to the City by emailing a copy to tacomapros@cityoftacoma.org.  It is anticipated that the defense will send this information to the Court and the City at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled plea, but it is recognized that delays may occur that are outside of the control of the defense. 

  8. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Court will confirm having the defendant’s email address on file and will email a copy of final plea documents and court order to defendant. The court will also email the parties a copy of all final documents.

  9. The court will not issue a Bench Warrant for failing to appear to a plea date. Rather, the Court will reset the Pre-trial 45 days out. If an agreed resolution is again reached, the process may be repeated.