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Do you qualify for Graffiti Cleanup?

Property owners are responsible to remove graffiti on their property, in some cases, the Rapid Graffiti Removal Program may be able to assist. The program provides graffiti removal services to properties along key corridors at no cost. Eligible properties can receive up to three removals or $2,000 in services, whichever is met first.

To verify if your property is on a key corridor:

  1. Type your address or parcel number in the search box below
  2. Click on your address or parcel number when it shows in a list below the search box
  3. If you qualify, follow the instructions for submitting a authorization form

If you qualify, please submit a Rapid Graffiti Removal Authorization Form by email to graffiti@cityoftacoma.org.  Include in your message details if you have a current tag that needs to be removed, including photos (if available) and a description of where it is located on the building.


You may also mail signed permission slips to:


ATTN: Graffiti Removal Program Coordinator 

747 Market St.

Suite 108

Tacoma, WA 98402


If you don't qualify and believe the location of the graffiti needs review, or if you have questions about the program; you can submit a Graffiti Rapid Removal Request.


For questions, call 311 or (253) 591-5000.