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Growing Demand for Parking 

Some neighborhoods have competition for a limited number of on-street parking spaces. Growing demand for parking is attributable to several factors such as increased vehicle ownership, increased residential occupancy, and increases in nearby employment and commercial/retail activity.

The purpose of the Residential Parking Program (RPP) is to mitigate adverse and chronic levels of commuter or non-resident parking along streets with adjacent residential properties. In 2014-2015, the City partnered with its Parking Technical Advisory Group (PTAG) to overhaul its RPP through a community based approach, input from the existing RPP users, and a set of guiding principles. This collaboration resulted in a restructuring of the RPP to meet the needs of the community, maximize the parking resource in neighborhoods, and the viability of the RPP. As of October 18, 2016 the City Council approved the guidelines and procedures for the revised program.

The desired outcome of Tacoma's RPP is to increase the availability of on-street parking for residents and their guests while balancing the needs of other users who desire to park along the street. All vehicles parked in a designated Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) must adhere to the posted regulations or risk being issued a corrective action.  A fee based parking permit will be required to park for more than two-hours in an RPZ.

While this program is expected to help manage a limited parking resource, it will not guarantee or assign specific spaces to households and their vehicles, nor will it solve neighborhood nuisance and security issues.  The regulation of parking through this RPP shall be the least restrictive that best mitigates the documented problem.


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To contact the Residential Parking Program (RPP), please email RPP@cityoftacoma.org  or call us at (253) 591-5371.


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