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Process to Apply for a Residential Parking Zone 

A Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) is an area established by a city ordinance to restrict non-residential parking on residential streets. Residents and their guests are exempt from the restrictions if they are parking legally and have a current RPZ permit. RPZs are established per City Ordinance introduced by Parking Services staff.

A neighborhood may be eligible for zoned parking restrictions if it regularly experiences a significant amount of spillover parking from adjacent businesses or is near major generators of parked cars (high schools, shopping malls, etc). These restrictions require majority support from neighborhood residents, as well as City Council approval. 


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Seven-Step Application Process 

There is a seven-step process for applying for the creation of a Residential Parking Zone. Here are descriptions of what needs to be done at each step:

  1. Verify zoning eligibility.
    Eligibility is limited to zoning classifications that are primarily residential. For more information on the eligible zones and how to determine what zone your residence is please view our Locator Map.
  2. Download and review the petitioners packet.
    The packet will guide you through the process of establishing an RPZ for your area. A petitioner will be required to fulfill certain requirements and duties as outlined in the packet. 
  3. Submit Request and Application.

    An application petition request to the City of Tacoma Parking Services will start the process for considering a new RPZ. Each party will have certain roles and responsibilities as detailed throughout this packet. Applications should be submitted to: ​City of Tacoma, Public Works—Parking Services Residential Parking Program, 942 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, WA 98402-3701.

  4. Determine Eligibility.
    Once a properly completed application has been received by the City’s Parking Services Division, a determination of the street's eligibility for RPZ consideration will be made, by City staff, in a timely manner, based on the following criteria as outlined in the Petitioner Packet.
  5. Gather Support
    If the street is determined to be eligible for consideration, City Staff will develop a map of the limits of the proposed RPZ. The applicant will be given the authority to seek signatures by petition from the residents living at addresses along the proposed street block. A 60 percent majority support for RPP restrictions is required to move to the next phase of the application.
  6. Verify Parking Demand Issue
    The need for the RPZ during the requested days and times of days will be validated with field observations by City staff.
  7. Create Zone
    Once a request receives approval, City Staff will send a notification to all properties along the requested street segments announcing the approval of the RPZ request and the approximate date the parking restrictions will be installed. The letter will also include information about the program, the purchasing of permits and other pertinent information.