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Citizen Police Advisory Committee

Tacoma City Council Seeks Applicants for the Citizen Police Advisory Committee


Jan. 14, 2020



Latasha Ware, Staff Liaison, LWare@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 591-5274

Tacoma City Council Seeks Applicants for the Citizen Police Advisory Committee

The Tacoma City Council is looking to fill five positions on the Citizen Police Advisory Committee, consisting of one youth position and one position each for residents of Council District Nos. 1, 2, 4, and 5.

The Citizen Police Advisory Committee is an advisory panel to the City Council as it pertains to Tacoma Police Department policy. The Committee is responsible for conducting policy review, reviewing trends in complaint investigation and statistical reports, and engaging in community outreach. Members of the Citizen Police Advisory Committee are recommended by the Community Vitality and Safety Committee and appointed by the City Council. The Committee consists of 11 members; one member from each City Council District, five members from the general community, one youth member, and at least 40 percent of its members are individuals representing traditionally underrepresented communities.

Qualified applicants will be residents of Tacoma, not hold any other elective public office, not currently serve as a member of the Tacoma Police Department, or be an immediate family member of a department employee. Women, persons with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities, persons of color, and immigrants are encouraged to apply.

To find out additional information on the Citizen Police Advisory Committee, please visit their website or contact Latasha Ware, City Manager’s Office, at (253) 591-5274.

Applications must be submitted to the Clerk’s Office by Monday, Jan. 27, 2020. To apply, please visit cityoftacoma.org/cbcapplication or contact Michelle Emery at (253) 591-5178 or servetacoma@cityoftacoma.org.