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City Awarded WIFIA loan

City of Tacoma Awarded Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act Loan


October 1, 2020



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City of Tacoma Awarded Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act Loan


Recently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a $20 million Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loan with a 1.2% interest rate to the City of Tacoma.  The loan will help finance the modernization of electrical distribution systems at the City’s primary wastewater treatment plant.


“The funds from the WIFIA loan will be used to upgrade an important City facility,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards.  “The City is grateful to the Environmental Protection Agency and the WIFIA staff for their support to modernize the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. Through this effort, our plant will remain state of the art, which allows it to protect the waters of Commencement Bay and the Puget Sound for decades to come.”


The City’s Electrical Distribution System Replacement Project will repair, replace, and rehabilitate the entire 40-year old electrical distribution system at the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. Modernizing the plant’s primary electrical power will improve reliability, support worker safety, and protect water quality in Commencement Bay and the greater Puget Sound. The project will take two years to complete.


“The City is fortunate to receive financial assistance from the EPA for this project,” said Environmental Services Director Mike Slevin. “The WIFIA funding is a major milestone that allows the project to proceed ahead of schedule.”


This project will help protect Puget Sound from unnecessary wastewater discharges by improving the reliability of the City’s Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, which treats over 7 billion gallons of wastewater annually.


To find out more about the City’s Wastewater Management, visit cityoftacoma.org/wastewater, or for more information on the WIFIA program, visit epa.gov/wifia.