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City of Tacoma Launches Effort to Create Space for More Housing Types

City of Tacoma Launches Effort to Create Space for More Housing Types


November 12, 2020



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City of Tacoma Launches Effort to Create Space for More Housing Types


The City of Tacoma’s Planning and Development Services is launching the Home in Tacoma Project to gain community and industry insight in updating Tacoma’s housing growth policies and zoning.

The effort will focus on how Tacoma can build in more housing types like duplexes, small multifamily dwellings, cottage style homes and attached or detached accessory dwellings. These types of housing are often referred to as the missing middle housing, since they fill the gap between apartments and single dwellings. Tacoma will also seek to promote affordability and reduce displacement risk in more rapidly growing areas.

“This is a really important project and a rare opportunity to make substantial changes to Tacoma’s One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan, which is the City’s guiding zoning and land use regulatory code plan,” said Council Member Chris Beale. “I highly encourage everyone to participate in this project. This is where your ideas can be incorporated and your concerns can be addressed.”

An online survey is available now through February as one way people can contribute information about what infill housing could look like in their neighborhoods.

The City will also be hosting a virtual Home in Tacoma Café Series on Zoom from 12-12:45 p.m. with three panel discussions. The discussions will include:

  • Tacoma’s Housing Crisis on December 18, 2020
  • The City’s Role in Creating Housing on January 8, 2020
  • Getting Housing Growth Right for Tacoma on January 29, 2020


“We can’t talk enough about housing in our community, which is why I am excited that as part of the Home in Tacoma Project we will be spending time with experts to look at what is driving the housing crisis and creating hardships for our resident to help us truly address the causes,” said Deputy Mayor Keith Blocker. “Housing is a critical topic, and we must move our housing policy forward to meet demand and drive down costs.”


For more information about the City’s Home in Tacoma Project visit cityoftacoma.org/homeintacoma. For more information about the City’s Planning and Development Services Department, visit cityoftacoma.org/PDS.