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City of Tacoma adopts the 2030 Climate Action Plan

City of Tacoma adopts the 2030 Climate Action Plan


December 1, 2021



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City of Tacoma adopts the 2030 Climate Action Plan


On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the Tacoma City Council unanimously voted to adopt Resolution 40878 committing the City of Tacoma to implement the 2030 Tacoma Climate Action Plan (CAP). Based on a 14-month input process involving over 1,000 community members, the Plan sets Tacoma on a path for a carbon-neutral community by 2050, with proposed investments in healthy, affordable housing; clean, reliable transportation; protections for public health; and good-paying, green jobs by 2050.


 “Funding and staffing the Climate Action Plan provides Tacoma with an exciting opportunity to work at the crossroads of many community priorities. By carrying out this plan, we can build resilience in our neighborhoods through a connected and accessible transportation system, healthy and affordable housing, and a circular economy where jobs and growth support a thriving environment,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards. “To be clear, this is an ambitious plan to address a true emergency. We are committed to making investments that result in real change, but the City cannot fix climate change alone. We must rely on partnerships and the initiative of our fellow public agencies, private sector organizations, and everyday community members here in Tacoma.”


The CAP outlines 64 climate actions with a deadline of 2024 to address the largest sources of community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including consumption, transportation, industry, and buildings, as well as prepare for local climate impacts, such as wildfire smoke, extreme heat, and sea-level rise. These climate actions were prioritized from hundreds of actions proposed by community members, stakeholder groups, and staff and compared to the latest facts and science.


The City has prioritized 18 actions to improve municipal operations, which combine to produce less than 1% of Tacoma’s overall emissions. In leading by example, the City’s climate actions will demonstrate how other organizations can transform their operations to be climate safe.


Details about the 2030 Tacoma Climate Action Plan can be found at cityoftacoma.org/climateactionplan, and questions can be directed to sustainability@cityoftacoma.org or (253) 591-5172.