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Curbside Cafes and Markets Pilot Program Launches

City of Tacoma Launches Curbside Cafes and Markets Pilot Program


June 12, 2020



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City of Tacoma Launches Curbside Cafes and Markets Pilot Program

The City of Tacoma launched the Curbside Cafes and Markets pilot program, an expansion of the Sidewalk Café Program, on Today, June 12, 2020.


“The Sidewalk Café Program has been extremely successful in Tacoma and has allowed businesses and community to activate public space,” said Council Member Robert Thoms. “I sought this expansion to help stabilize our great local restaurants after the Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order. It is more important than ever that we continue to find ways to be a good partner to our entrepreneurs.”


The Curbside Cafes and Markets program is responsive to Tacoma businesses needs to meet physical distancing requirements from the Washington Safe Start Plan. A permit for the Curbside Café and Market Pilot Program can accommodate temporary structures such as tables, chairs, planters and shade coverings. Retail businesses may also use areas of the right-of-way to expand their ability to serve customers.


“Supporting our businesses and employees in this difficult time is fundamental to the success of Tacoma and is an example of the strength and resiliency that public-private partnerships can achieve,” said Council Member Kristina Walker. “By opening the public space to restaurants, we are also supporting the success of our local businesses, as well as the front-line workers at these businesses by reducing their exposure.”

The City also is waiving application fees, street use fees and the cost of on-street parking related to the pilot program. Tacoma Venues and Events and Public Works are partnering to provide railings, as availability allows, to those businesses that would like to use these instead of providing their own.

Other programs, such as sidewalk cafés, food trucks and temporary load zones for food pickup, will still be available.

For more information about the program, visit cityoftacoma.org/curbsidecafe. To submit an application or to review program requirements, visit TacomaPermits.org.