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Advanced Deployment of Police Worn Body Cameras to Begin December 14

Advanced Deployment of Police Worn Body Cameras to Begin December 14


December 11, 2020



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Advanced Deployment of Police Worn Body Cameras to Begin December 14


Tacoma Police Department will deploy 20 Axon Body 3 cameras to its training officers beginning December 14 to prepare for initial phased deployment to Patrol and Community Orientated Policing officers in January.

“We want to make sure that we have given our training officers an opportunity to test and evaluate the system for operation and effectiveness ahead of the deployment to our officers,” said Tacoma Police Assistant Chief Fred Scruggs. “We recognize the need for there to be no more delays in implementing this program for our community and department.”

Beginning on January 4, 2021 more than 80 officers in all sectors and on all shifts will be issued body worn cameras. Phased deployment of the cameras is expected to be completed by March 2021.

Officers will be required to activate the recording function of the body worn camera as soon as possible anytime they engage with the public in their law enforcement capacity. However, there are several instances where officers have the discretion not to record to protect the privacy and dignity of the community or sensitive law enforcement information.

“This is an important step for our Police Department and for our community in creating a more accountable and transparent police force in Tacoma,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards. “Yet, we also know this is a small step in the transformation we need to make as a City to be anti-racist and ensure equitable and just policing for all community members.”

The City passed Resolution 40622 this fall launching an anti-racism transformation for the City of Tacoma, which began with a focus on policing.

For more information about the City’s Body Worn Camera Program, visit cityoftacoma.org/bodycameras. To request video for a Tacoma Police Department case beginning after January 4, 2021, visit the Request a City Record on the City’s website.