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Engage with Home in Tacoma Phase 2

Engage with Home in Tacoma Phase 2


January 17, 2023



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Megan Snow, Media and Communications,
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Engage with Home in Tacoma Phase 2

The City of Tacoma’s Home in Tacoma Project is in phase 2 of the planning process. This phase is focused on how the housing growth strategy the City Council adopted in phase 1 is implemented including through zoning and standards, affordability measures, anti-displacement steps and to encourage actions to support housing growth.

As with phase 1, community engagement and conversation is a priority in establishing policy, standards and regulations for implementation. Community members can participate in phase 2 in several ways now through February:

More information about these engagement opportunities and how to stay engaged throughout phase 2 as well as information about the project is available at cityoftacoma.org/homeintacoma.

Home in Tacoma is part of the City’s Affordable Housing Action Strategy (AHAS), which is a citywide effort to address Tacoma’s housing affordability crisis. AHAS consists of 27 strategic actions aimed to create affordable housing, reduce or eliminate housing displacement and homelessness, and stabilize housing for families in Tacoma through policies, protections, and development incentives. For more information about AHAS, visit cityoftacoma.org/AHAS.