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The Salvation Army Warming Center Extending Services Through April

The Salvation Army Warming Center Extending Services Through April


March 22, 2021



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The Salvation Army Warming Center Extending Services Through April


The City has been funding a temporary warming center at the Salvation Army building located at 1110 S. Puget Sound since January 28, 2021.  The Salvation Army has agreed to extend services through April 30, 2021.

This location serves single men and will have a capacity of 30 individuals and be able to serve five additional people if needed. The extension provides continued access to temporary shelter as the City continues to explore other shelter options. 

“Originally the warming center at The Salvation Army was scheduled to close March 31, 2021, we appreciate The Salvation Army’s commitment to sheltering and working with us to extend their services,” said Allyson Griffith, Assistant Director of Neighborhood and Community Services.

People who need shelter services can access them on a walk-in basis. The site will stop providing shelter to new clients beginning mid-April to allow time to transition clients into more permanent shelter placements before the center closes.

Staff has conducted outreach to the surrounding area and is working with service providers to orient them to the extension of this temporary warming center location. 

For more information about the City’s inclement weather resources, visit cityoftacoma.org/inclementresources.


City of Tacoma’s Response to Homelessness

The City of Tacoma is committed to, and continues to prioritize, addressing homelessness in Tacoma. In the 2021-2022 biennium more than $16.8 million has been allocated to homelessness response. For more information about the City’s homelessness services and partnerships, please visit cityoftacoma.org/homelessness.