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Gravel Detention Facility & Public Trail

First Creek Infrastructure Project

The Gravel Detention Expansion project will expand the City of Tacoma’s regional stormwater detention capacity in the Flett Creek Watershed. This proactive watershed approach to managing stormwater will provide additional flow control thereby protecting downstream creeks from erosion and high storm flows. This project will also assist with stormwater flow control requirements for existing development, new development, and redevelopment projects within the Flett Creek Watershed. 


A public trail along the eastern perimeter of the property and sidewalk improvements along South 80th Street will also be constructed as part of the project. This will open up this 25-acre green space for the neighborhood to enjoy and the trail will improve the walkability of this area.


Drainage Route


Facility Elements


Stormwater Detention

The detention facility will hold about 300,000 acre feet of stormwater after an additional 56 acres of storage is added through this project.


Public Trail

About a half-mile of gravel trail will be added along the eastern edge of the lake-like detention facility. This trail will be 5 feet wide, with a gentle maximum slope of 5 percent (ADA accessible). The trail will have a 4-foot tall chain-link fence on the downhill side.


80th Street Sidewalk Improvements

Over 1,000 feet of sidewalk with street trees will be added along 80th Street.


Landscape Improvements

Drought tolerant, low-maintenance landscaping at the entrances will welcome pedestrians into the facility.  A mixture of ornamental and native grasses and trees will provide open views into the site, while accommodating for shade and shelter during the summer heat.


Existing native trees adjacent to the detention facility will be preserved and new wildflower prairie meadows will be seeded along the trail.


Project Cost and Funding Sources

A $3 million grant from the state Department of Ecology is helping pay for the facility, along with funding from the City of Tacoma Surface Water Management utility. 


Funding Source

Total Amount

City of Tacoma Surface Water Fund


WA State Department of Ecology Grant




Project Timeline



Estimated Completion Date

Concept & Permitting Phase

January 2014-September 2015


Preliminary: October 2015-February 2016

Final: March-April 2016

Contracting Process

May-June 2016


July-October 2016


Community Involvement and Education


A public meeting was held on April 19, 2016, at the Tacoma Central Presbyterian Church, 8001 S. Pine Street.