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Code Response Map

Code Compliance Response Map

Detailed information about the City's response to code compliance issues can be found using this Code Compliance Response Map. The map includes address of violation, case type, case open and closed dates, case status and City action, and a link to the Pierce County Assessor with additional property details. Case information on the map is updated weekly.


Case Status Definitions

Below are a few of our most common case statuses and what they mean.  For additional definitions please visit our glossary of terms.

Closed New Owner: A case was ongoing and the property was sold prior to resolution of the case.  A new case is opened with the new property owner.

Closed No Hazard:  The complaint was received, investigated and no violations of the Municipal Code were identified.

Closed Voluntary Compliance:  The property owner resolved the issues present at the time of the complaint.

Complaint Received: A complaint was submitted to the City; the complaint has been assigned to city staff for inspection.

Notice Sent: A Notice of Violation has been sent to the property owner informing them of the corrections needed to gain compliance.

Violation Confirmed: Inspectors have identified a concern and will be working with the property owner to gain compliance.


Map Instructions:

The map default filter show all open nuisance cases. Using the drop down categories at the top of the map, you may filter the results by case type, case status, council district and open date.


You may also use the search bar to type in the address of concern. Please note: you may need to adjust the filters prior to typing in the address in order to find closed cases or building case information. 


Once selecting an address, click on the orange house icon Orange House Iconto view details.


For further instructions on how to use this tool, please watch the video tutorial


If you would like to report a code compliance concern, please use the TacomaFIRST 311 online system or call 3-1-1 within city limits or (253) 591-5000 outside the city.


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