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Grit City Trees

2021 Grit City Trees Available While Supplies Last


Apply Now-Applications and Support Videos Available in English and Spanish

Apply today to receive free street trees.  Please submit online by emailing your completed application(s) to trees@cityoftacoma.org or by mailing a hard copy to Center for Urban Waters, 326 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421 ATTN: Urban Forestry.


Grit City Trees - Fillable PDF Application
Grit City Trees - Word Doc Application


Programa de Grit City Trees - PDF Aplicaciones
Programa de Grit City Trees - Word Aplicaciones

Would you like support in filling out your application?  View the following videos to watch staff from the Tacoma Tree Foundation help walk you through the application process.


Grit City Trees Webinar Recording - English

Programa de Grit City Trees Webinario - Spanish


Grit City Trees 2021 Tree List

Small: Rocky Mountain juniper 'Wichita Blue' (Juniperus scopulorem), Golden rain tree (Kolreuteria paniculata)

Medium: Zelkova (Zelkova serrata), black tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica), red pine (pinus densiflora)

Large: 'Frontier' Elm (Ulmus x 'Frontier'), black pine (Pinus nigra), sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum)


Program Timeline 
August - September 2021: Primary round of applications accepted.  

October - November 2021:

Apply and schedule a time to pick up your trees while supplies last!

November 2021: *If you need planting assistance, the Pierce Conservation District can, on a case-by-case basis, offer delivery and planting help to participants who need physical assistance or lack access to a vehicle.* 
May 2022: Washington Conservation Corps crews will deliver watering supplies to neighborhood groups while Urban Forestry Staff will distribute watering supplies to individual applicant’s trees.



Why Plant a Tree?
  • Grit City Trees are free to eligible Tacoma community members. There is no investment necessary other than your time, and willingness to improve your environment.
  • Trees directly impact and improve your health, and the health of your community.
  • Trees help capture and reduce air pollutants, improving overall air quality in your neighborhood. Trees let you breathe easier!
  • Trees keep you cool by reducing temperatures on the hottest summer days, saving you money on your utility bill.
  • Trees help reduce stress and improve your sense of well being by giving you relief from the urban environment.
  • Trees build community. While not required, we encourage you to talk with your neighbors about planting Grit City Trees together as a neighborhood.

Equity Comes First

The City of Tacoma is committed to racial, social, climate, and environmental justice for our community. In support of this work, we are committed to cultivating a resilient and sustainable urban forest. As outlined in the City of Tacoma's Urban Forest Management Plan, our goal is to reach tree canopy coverage of 30% in Tacoma by 2030.  With tree canopy coverage as low as 2.9% in some historically under-served neighborhoods, it is vital for the City to provide resources to support tree growth in these communities. 

We recognize particular communities have greater access to resources than others. With this in mind, the limited resources and support we have available through the Grit City Tree program will be prioritized to neighborhoods identified as “Low” to “Very Low Opportunity” on Tacoma’s Equity Index. Tree coverage is a major factor affecting the livability of Tacoma's neighborhoods.


Planting Priority Areas

Priority Planting Areas