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Tax Credits

Multiple Activities Tax Credit (MATC)

The MATC applies to businesses who engage in business activities in one or more cities with an eligible gross receipts tax or who engage in business activities in one city and are subject to two or more tax classifications on the same revenue.  

Job Credit

Tacoma was the first city in Washington to provide a credit against your local business tax for every new, permanent, family-wage job a business creates. This five-year tax incentive is designed to stimulate business, reward businesses for creating good-paying jobs, including an additional incentive for green jobs and putting our citizens to work.


Small Business Annual Phased Tax Credit

Businesses with an annual gross income of $250,001 to $300,000 are eligible for a credit and pay only a percentage of their tax due.


Other Business Incentives

Tacoma's Community and Economic Development Department has more business incentives available to many types of businesses.