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Green Infrastructure

Rain GardenDid You know? 

There is a living wall, also called a vertical garden, in Tacoma at the Goodwill's Milgard Work Opportunity Center located near the first floor entrance. The 20-foot by 40-foot wall has 96 species (both native and non-native) totaling about 2,200 individual plants in the 800-square-foot piece.

Green Infrastructure
Green Infrastructure uses plants, soils, and natural processes to encourage healthier urban environments. 

Green Living Guide Map

Discover rain gardens, green roofs and living walls around the city using the new interactive Tacoma Green Living Guide.

Green Living Guide Map
More Resources
Residential Rain Garden Rebate Program

Want to find out how to create a rain garden at home? Find more information here, plus find out if you qualify to receive assistance from the City of Tacoma in creating your rain garden. 

Rain Barrels
A rain barrel collects and stores rain water from your roof that would otherwise be lost to runoff and diverted into storm drains and streams. Learn how to make your own rain barrel. 


A Greenroad is defined as a roadway project that has been designed and constructed to a level of sustainability that is substantially higher than current common practice. It is designed for the construction of both new and renovated roads. Greenroads uses credits to determine the extent to which a project implements sustainable practices.

Green Roofs and Living Walls
Discover even more resources about green infrastructure, including information about green roofs, from the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild. 

Urban Forestry
Find out everything you might need to know about trees within the city from Urban Forestry’s EverGreen Tacoma website, including the many benefits of trees, information on planting and tree care, and how to get involved with trees. During certain times of the year, a limited amount of tree coupons are available for Tacoma residents to purchase a tree to be planted in a yard or planting strip. For more information and a list of nurseries that accept these coupons, visit the Urban Forestry's Tree Coupon Program.