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Wastewater Services

Wastewater Services Provided by Tacoma's Wastewater Management

Do you think wastewater management is just about sewers? Think again.  Our wastewater programs emphasize sustainability, innovative recycling and customer-focused services to maintain the natural marine environment that's so important to us in Tacoma.

Our employees are good stewards of both the environment and your trust.  Let us show you how we can work together to make sure the wastewater leaving our homes and businesses doesn't harm the land and water around us.

Learn More About Wastewater Services

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Sewer Conservation Loan Program (Sewer Repairs)
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Grease Goes in the Garbage
Troubleshooting/Frequently Asked Questions  - Sewer Backups and Flooding
For more information about Wastewater Management, call (253) 591-5588.