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Landscaping Plans PDF (11 pages) - All plans in one file
 Filename  Description  Date
 LS-01  Street Tree Planting  7/6/2015
 LS-02  Street Tree Clearance  7/6/2015
 LS-03  Tree Well Dimension  7/6/2015
 LS-04  Tree & Shrubs Planting On Slopes  7/6/2015
 LS-05  Shrub Planting  7/6/2015
 LS-06  Groundcover Planting  7/6/2015
 LS-07  Vacant  7/6/2015
 LS-08  Tree Protection During Construction  7/6/2015
 LS-09  Tree Protection During Construction  7/6/2015
 LS-10  Tree Protection Fencing For Trees In Paved Areas  7/6/2015
 LS-11  Reusable Tree Protection Fencing For Paved Areas  7/6/2015
 LS-12   Rescinded and replaced by GSI-01(a-d)  


See Drawings BMP L613 Post Construction Soil Quality and Depth on the Green Stormwater Infrastructure Plans page  4/4/2016
 LS-13  Structural Soil Cells Section  4/4/2016