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TAGRO Environmental Benefits

In the Northwest we enjoy an amazing environment: snow-capped mountain peaks, clear-flowing rivers, sky-piercing evergreens. And more people than ever are moving to the Northwest to enjoy this beauty.
More residents mean more homes, more industry—and more waste. We have learned to view the waste as a resource. TAGRO helps us take recycling to a new level as we reuse what goes down our drains, all to the benefit of your yard and garden and your environment. Here’s how: 

TAGRO’s Nutrients are Released Slowly
Plants use more of the nutrients and fewer are leached or run off into the environment.

Soil Conditioned with TAGRO Retains Water Better
The more water the soil retains, the less you have to pull out the hose or sprinkler. And that leaves more natural water flow in our rivers.

Plants and Trees Grow Bigger and Better in TAGRO
More vegetation means more shade and less soil erosion near creeks and rivers, making for healthy and clear water for fish and people to enjoy.   


The City of Tacoma recycles 4,000 dry tons of biosolids each year. That benefits our community in these ways:

Home Gardens
Low-cost TAGRO Mix and TAGRO Potting Soil encourage home gardeners to return nutrients to the soil without polluting our waters with the harsh chemicals used in commercially-produced gardening products.

Community Gardens. TAGRO Mix contributed to local community gardens helps groups grow food crops.

Food Banks
The demonstration garden at our Central Wastewater Treatment plant shows how TAGRO products can nourish award-winning vegetables.

TAGRO Mix spread on barren areas, such as a park on the Thea Foss Waterway and small community parks, beautifies public areas as well as supports oxygen-producing plants.

Presentations to school classes, civic and community groups, business groups and garden clubs teach how each person contributes to the waste—and renewal—of our community and environment. Contact us to schedule your own tour or group presentation.

Ballfields, Golf Courses, Public Sites, Forests, and Agricultural Crops
TAGRO has proven to be a safe and effective option for non-residential sites that need large quantities of soil conditioners. Learn more about large site applications.