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Suggested Walking Route Maps

Suggested Walking Route Map Available for Each Tacoma Public Elementary School

A Suggested Walking Route map recommends walking routes to each Tacoma Public School (TPS) elementary school. Use your child's school map as a tool to explore walking or rolling to school. Adults are responsible for choosing the most appropriate route for their children. 

  1. Find the suggested route that is closest to your home and review it with your child. 

  2. Discuss the safety tips on the second page with your child - available in multiple languages!*

  3. Go for a practice walk with your child along the suggested route on a non-school day, crossing at signalized intersections and at marked crosswalks where available.

  4. Create your plan for the first school-day when you will give it a try: when you will leave the house, what clothing should you wear, and even what fun games can you play along the way (like the Pedestrian Safety Curriculum Site Walk) 



TPS Elementary School Suggested Walking Route Maps

Download the PDF of your school's map below to starting using in Spring 2022, unless noted for Fall 2022. An interactive, accessible map is coming in Summer 2022!


 Arlington  Franklin  Northeast Tacoma
 Birney  Geiger  Point Defiance
 Blix  Grant  Roosevelt
 Boze  Jefferson  Sheridan
 Browns Point  Jennie Reed  Sherman
 Bryant  Larchmont  Skyline (for Fall 2022)
 Crescent Heights  Lister  Stafford
 DeLong  Lowell  Stanley
 Downing  Manitou  Wainwright
 Edison  Mann  Washington

 Fawcett (for Fall 2023)

 Mary Lyon  Whitman
 Fern Hill  McCarver  Whittier


Let's Get to School Safely Tip Sheets

Use these tip sheets to talk with your child, students, and adults about walking, bicycling, and driving safely to and from school. 

students walking and scooting to school with an adult celebrating them, holding a sign saying At this School we Walk and Roll 

About These Maps

The City of Tacoma and Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) partnered to create each TPS elementary school a Suggested Walking Route Map, as regulated through WAC 392-151-025. Each map shows: 

  1. The school's walk zone

  2. Suggested routes with sidewalks and routes where sidewalks may be missing within a walk zone.

  3. School designated crosswalks and other marked crosswalks.

  4. Stop signs and traffic signals along suggested routes, except where marked as a school designated crossing.

  5. Nearby parks and other schools.

  6. Safety tips for people walking, bicycling, and driving on the second page.

Families with students at Tacoma Public Schools can learn about transportation options outside of walk zones at: tacomaschools.org/transportation