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Cienfuegos, Cuba

Tacoma's Sister City since 2000.


Cienfuegos is a beautiful port city nestled between lush mountains and rich agricultural lands. Cienfuegos, with a population of approximately 130,000, is located in south central Cuba and is the third largest port in the country. It is also known as La Perla del Sur or the Pearl of the South because of both its natural and architectural beauty.


Cienfuegos has something for everyone! The sea and the air are clean and warm in this industrial city and its surrounding province by the same name. Hotels and resorts with a variety of accommodations by the sun-dappled sea and in the mountains welcome visitors. History and architecture buffs will marvel at the well-preserved Town Square and quaint streets. Medical, mental health, and educational professionals will be interested in getting to know their colleagues at the various universities, schools, nurseries, clinics and medical center. Baseball and other athletic fans will not only enjoy the Cubans’ enthusiasm for sports, but there is a stadium and athletic fields available for everyone to enjoy. Art in all its forms and among all ages abounds in Cienfuegos. The cultural center is a focal point for both the professional and the novice. And, of course, what would a visit to Cienfuegos be without its rhythmic music, its suave dances, and its delicious tropical flavors. There is all this in Cienfuegos and more. There is something for everyone.


Cienfuegos Sister City Committee Chair

Marisela Fleites-Lear