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Bridge Industrial BNSF

Bridge Industrial BNSF 


The permit status for LU21-0125 is “revisions required in progress”.  The applicant resubmitted corrected documents and provided additional documents on August 9, 2022. These items are in response to public, agency and staff comments and requests. City staff are reviewing the items for substantive requirements, after which they will be made available to the public and to reviewing agencies for continued consultation.


The documents include revised site and civil plans; mitigation plan for critical areas; contaminated soils management plan (per EPA requirements); hydrogeologic study, stormwater, and floodplain studies as well as a revised stormwater site plan; air quality study, including construction addendum; tree retention plan; and revised SEPA checklist. 


The public comment period regarding the Critical Area Development Permit and the SEPA Environmental Review closed April 21, 2022. However, you may still be added to the project email distribution list by sending your contact information to shirley.schultz@cityoftacoma.org or sschultz@cityoftacoma.org


View online files:

https://aca.accela.com/TACOMA/Default.aspx and enter “LU21-0125” in the search field. Documents are located under the “Record Info” tab.


Tacoma Municipal Code


Recording: Community Meeting, Thursday, April 14, 2022


Current Status

The current status for the Bridge Industrial permit Critical Area Development Permit and SEPA (LU21-0125) is “revisions required”. Staff and the applicant are in the process of reviewing public and agency comments regarding the proposal. In addition, staff are continuing to work with the applicant engineer to address stormwater management and compliance with the City’s stormwater regulations for both quality and quantity of runoff from the site. This work informs the critical area permit.  


Further, the City’s Traffic Engineering staff are reviewing the assumptions and outcomes of the traffic impact analysis to determine appropriate mitigation. The applicant is required to submit additional studies: air quality analysis, noise study, photometric study (light pollution), hydrogeologic assessment (aquifer impacts) and design clarifications regarding electric vehicles and solar readiness. (The development is proposing LEED certification.) These studies are key to responding to many of the questions received during the public comment period.  


City staff have met with Department of Ecology staff regarding stormwater permitting in order to coordinate permit requirements and potential mitigation. City staff are coordinating with the EPA regarding soil management plans relating to historic contamination at the site. In addition, staff are working with Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department staff for continued review of the permit and the inclusion of Health Impact Assessment measures into this and further SEPA reviews.



The City of Tacoma is currently reviewing a permit application from Bridge Industrial for a proposed the development of an approximately 150 acre site with a multi-building development (about 2.5 million sf of buildings) and associated site work. The primary address is 5024 S Madison. 

Bridge Point BNSF Map

The private proposal includes:

  • Approximately 75% of the site area would be impervious surfacing (buildings, parking, circulation).
  • A north-south through road (with sidewalk) to connect through TPU property to S. 35th Street.
  • There is a stream and biodiversity corridor on the site; this will be protected and restored as part of the project.

Bridge Point BNSF Preliminary Site Plan
The entire application package can be accessed by visiting the City’s Accela web page and entering the permit number LU21-0125 in the search field. Documents are located under the “record info” tab. 


What is Being Considered

The City is required to consider the permit application in accordance with the Zoning Code, Critical Areas Code and all other development codes. The project is legally “vested” in the current regulations via complete land use permits, and future moratoria or land use ordinance changes will not affect it.


The City must consider probable significant impacts in accordance with the SEPA regulations. Environmental impacts identified by the SEPA review will be assessed for mitigation or project modification to meet requirements.

  • The proposal is an allowed use in the M-2 Heavy Industrial District, as set forth in TMC 13.06.060. The intended use is light industrial or warehousing.
  • The site is also located in the South Tacoma Manufacturing/Industrial Overlay District, per TMC 13.06.070.B, and the South Tacoma Groundwater Protection District, per TMC 13.06.070.D. Uses prohibited in either of those overlays will not be allowed on this site.
  • A critical area development permit is required because the development proposes to impact portions of the stream buffer on the site, while restoring the remaining critical area and creating additional new wetland area. All work is reviewed in compliance with TMC 13.11, Critical Areas.
  • No permit decisions have been made regarding the proposal. As part of public noticing, the City has made a preliminary determination that a SEPA Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance (MDNS) is probable, and that a full Environmental Impact Statement will not be required – subject to review and commenting by the public and agencies with expertise.
  • As a Land Use permit the decision is made administratively by the Director of Planning and Development Services, per TMC 13.05 Land Use Permits and Procedures. The decision is not made by the City Council or the Planning Commission.
  • Appeals to the decision can be filed with the City of Tacoma Hearing Examiner.
  • Following the Critical Area permitting and SEPA Environmental review, the applicant will be required to apply for development permits including Site Development, Work Order (work in the right-of-way), and Building.

Site Information

A portion of the site has been remediated through CERCLA (superfund) and contaminants have been located on a capped portion on the north of the site. This portion of the site is also proposed for redevelopment. As part of the cleanup, the owners (and subsequent owners) are party to an agreed order and institutional controls for the site and will continue or complete remediation as part of redevelopment. Under the review and authority of the EPA and the Department of Ecology, they will have specific work plans, worker training, and contractual obligations for work on that portion of the site. 


EPA South Tacoma Field – EPA Documents 


City staff are working with EPA and Ecology to ensure those conditions are included in development permits for the site, and, where necessary, into the environmental review. 


Water quality permitting for the project will be reviewed by the City of Tacoma per the City’s stormwater regulations, and by the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department for the Groundwater Protection District.


Tacoma Pierce County Health Department Blog: How we’ll help protect your health with a proposed South Tacoma warehouse complex.


Tacoma Public Utilities – Tacoma Water has been engaged regarding the aquifer recharge area, which is estimated to be approximately 180 square miles. 


Public Notice 

Planning and Development Services Department issued a public notice on February 8, 2022 to solicit public comments until April 21, 2022 in accordance with the Public noticing timelines and procedures are adopted in TMC 13.05 following state law for permit processing and review. 


Public comments will be compiled and reviewed as administrative review of the permit continues.


A notice of decision will be sent to all original notice recipients and anyone who commented on the proposal once review is complete.




Project Contact

Shirley Schultz
Principal Planner



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