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Capital Facility Upgrades and Improvements

Capital Facilities Plan 2025-2030

The Capital Facilities Plan is required by the Growth Management Act (GMA). The work of the Facility Advisory Committee has helped inform the draft project list for the 2025-2030 Capital Facilities Plan update. You can find the draft documents below. The Planning Commission is also holding a public hearing on these documents. That information is also below:


Planning Commission Public Hearing

In Person: 747 Market Street, Room 243, Tacoma, WA 98402

Link to Join on Zoom –https://zoom.us/j/84416624153

Or dial to Join: 253-215-8782


* CFP Project List
* CFP Project Detail
* CFP New Project List
* CFP Removed Project List




Upgrades or Improvements to City of Tacoma Facilities

Over time, City of Tacoma facilities require upgrades or improvements to meet the current needs of our community.  Some of these changes can include upgrades such as a new roof or improved accessibility features. However, many of the City’s facilities are old—some were built over 100 years ago—and no longer meet the needs of the City’s services nor the needs of the community. Thus, many buildings require replacement, rather than renovations or upgrades.

The City’s facilities and the services they provide require significant investment and a vision for the future. To study this problem and examine where to begin addressing it, we have formed a City Council-appointed volunteer committee comprised of Tacoma residents, individuals with deep connections to our community, and community members with expertise in architecture and engineering who are responsible for providing recommendations on this effort. They have a passion for improving our community and bring a diverse range of perspectives to the table. Their involvement ensures that public resources continue to be deployed effectively to improve City services and meet our community’s needs.


Name Council District Past or Present Affiliations
Kevin Bartoy District 2 Chairman, Landmarks Preservation Commission
Nathe Lawver District 1 Community Workforce Agreement task force, Enivronmental Services Advisory Committee 
Anthony Steele District 1 City Planning Commission, City Hilltop Engagement Committee, Hilltop Business Association
Tracy Oster District 1 Board member 2nd Cycle, Board member Qualstar Credit Union, Sound Transit Community Oversight Panel member
Brett Santhuff District 3 Planning Commission, Neighborhood Councils (New Tacoma)
Paul Franetovich District 1 No City Affiliations, Local Business Owner
Maricres Castro District 5 Commissioner for the Tacoma Commission for Immigrant & Refugee Affairs.
Scott Heinze District 2 Tacoma School Board Director, Tacoma Human Rights Commission 
Lydia Zepeda District 3 Commissioner, Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs
Liz Collins District 1 Nature and Environment Advisory Council (former)  --  Metro Parks
David Schroedel District 1 Past City of Tacoma Fiscal Sustainability Task Force Member; Current Downtown on the Go Board Member; Current Fire Chief's Community Advisory Committee Member; Past North End Neighborhood Council Board Member
Justin Everman District 4 Currently active in forming the McKinley Hill Business district assoc.
DJ Dean Outside City Limits No City Affiliations, Local Architect with Many Years of Experience in Tacoma
Sharon Chambers-Gordon Outside City Limits Board of Directors Hilltop Artists, Girls Scouts, Palmer Scholars Mentor, Realtor Association, City of Tacoma Recognition Committee some years ago. 
Ben Ferguson Outside City Limits Co-Vice Chair Permit Advisory Group, member Board of Building Appeals (architecture representative), member Urban Design Review Professional Advisory Group 
Ashley Brewster District 5 Mayor's Youth Commission of Tacoma
Hayes Alexander III District 3 Hilltop Library Planning Committee, Peoples Center Steering Committee, Tacoma Tool Library
Jacki Skaught District 2 League of Women Voters
Susanne Marten District 4 Non-profit Board member which received a Tacoma Arts Commission grant (2021-23) and Community and Economic Division grant (2022)

Committee Activities and Progress:

Conducted a Needs Assessment: While helping the City of Tacoma gather input from other Tacoma residents, committee members evaluated the current state of City of Tacoma-owned facilities and identify facilities and service areas that require upgrades or improvements or replacements.


Developed Recommendations: Based on the needs assessment that they conducted, committee members developed recommendations for the City of Tacoma to begin addressing identified issues. Their recommendation includes a long-term vision for improving the City’s facilities.


Presented Recommendations to the City Council: Committee members presented their recommendations to the City Council on September 27, 2023, to the Infrastructure, Planning, and Sustainability Committee as well as the full Council at Study Session on October 24, 2023. These recommendations will inform the City of Tacoma’s next steps. Deeply involving Tacoma residents in the process also helps the City of Tacoma remain transparent, inclusive, and accountable.


Provide Feedback

Want to provide input? Contact Nick Anderson, Office of Management and Budget at nanderson@cityoftacoma.org.

Facility Advisory Committee: Final Report