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Take the Challenge

Students Can Take a Pledge

Now that your student’s classroom has been visited by the EnviroChallengers, what comes next? Bring the environmental lessons home by taking the EnviroChallenge! We encourage students and their families to go one step further by applying their environmental lessons learned at home and beyond.


How to Take the Challenge

  1. Look through the list below with your student, and pledge to incorporate three environmental actions in your daily life for at least 30 days.
  2. Complete the 30-day challenge, and report back to the EnviroChallengers on how you did.
Take the Challenge

Student’s First Name, Last Initial: (required)


I  pledge to:

Empty, clean, and dry my recyclables

Pick up litter in my community

Take shorter showers to save water

Walk, bike, or take public transportation

Bring my own mug or cup to a café

Bring my own reusable bag to the grocery store

Learn to make my own natural household cleaner

Ask for “no straw” at a restaurant


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