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2024 Charter Review

2024 Charter Review Process Deliberate, Thoughtful, and Inclusive

A city’s charter outlines the structure of its city government. Tacoma’s City Charter was adopted by its residents in 1953, and last reviewed in 2014.  

The City Council is required to review Tacoma’s city charter every 10 years. It does this with the assistance of Tacoma residents who apply for, and are appointed by Council to, a 15-member Charter Review Committee.  

The Charter Review Committee's role is to thoroughly study Tacoma’s City Charter and recommend changes to the City Council. The Council then decides which recommendations are forwarded on to Tacoma’s voters to ultimately decide. 

A once-in-a-decade opportunity to shape Tacoma’s future 
Will you answer the call to serve? 


The City Council needs dedicated individuals reflecting Tacoma’s diverse community to conduct a deliberate, thoughtful, and inclusive review of Tacoma’s City Charter.  

Each charter review process is defined by the Charter Review Committee in place at the time. Committee members decide how many meetings to have, what topics to focus on, how to gather feedback, and whether they need to establish subcommittees to complete the work.  


Serving on the Charter Review Committee is no small act of service.  

Charter Review Committee members met for four months during the 2014 Charter Review, from January through April. The full committee met twice per week, often working late into the evening. Each committee member also sat on at least two subcommittees while carving out extra time as needed to host town halls and special meetings, meet with community groups, analyze topics in greater detail, draft reports, and prepare final recommendations.

Projected Timeline


October 17, 2023

The City Council adopts a resolution establishing 2024 Charter Review Committee.


October 18, 2023

The committee application period begins.


November 9, 2023

Committee applications are due by 5 PM. To apply, click here


November through December 2023

During this time period, the Mayor and members of the Council will each recommend one individual for appointment to the committee. For the remaining six positions, the Government Performance and Finance Committee will recommend a group of 10 or more individuals for Council appointment to the committee. A Council resolution will be adopted appointing committee members effective January 2024.


January through April 2024

The committee works to review Tacoma’s City Charter.


May 7, 2024

The committee’s final report and recommendations are due to the Council.


May through August 2024

The Council conducts a review of committee recommendations, then decides which recommendations are forwarded on to Tacoma’s voters to decide.


November 5, 2024

General Election




If you are a community member with questions about the 2024 Charter Review, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at cityclerk@cityoftacoma.org or (253) 591-5505.