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Emeritus Sister Cities

Kiryat-Motzkin, Israel
Tacoma's Sister City from 1979-2018


Kiryat-Motzkin is located on the west coast of Israel five miles north of the major port city of Haifa on the flat plains leading to ACCO (Acre). It was founded in 1934, and in 1940, a town council was established.

The original inhabitants were almost all of Eastern European stock, but today this modern city of some 40,000 citizens represent all the diverse nationalities that have emigrated to Israel since World War II. Most recently the various Russian national groups and Ethiopians have been welcomed to Kiryat-Motzkin and are fast being assimilated.

The city is recognized throughout Israel for its day care program as well as the outstanding activities it conducts both for the youth and elderly of the community. It boasts an impressive list of cultural activities and takes great pride in sponsoring a broad-based, diverse athletic program that provides intramural competition for all citizens as well as participates at the national level.

Kiryat-Motzkin has fast become the commercial center for the surrounding communities. Businesses, workshops and offices render services to the entire population of the Bay Area totaling nearly 200,000 residents.