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Solid Waste

Alert: Expect Delays at the Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center June thru September

Please prepare for longer than normal wait times at the Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center June through September due to planned site construction activities. Please plan your trip with consideration of potential delays. Thank you for your patience.


About Tacoma's Solid Waste Division 

In Tacoma, we are committed to sustainably managing our waste streams so that collectively we send less waste to the landfill. Through recycling and other strategies, we improve the health and strength of our community. The Tacoma landfill is now full, and as we waste less we are able to send fewer loads of garbage to the Pierce County landfill. This extends the useful life of the landfill, reduces vehicle emissions and pollution, and saves money to reinvest in our community.


Solid Waste Services

The City of Tacoma’s solid waste utility provides curbside services to more than 58,500 residential and commercial customers in Tacoma.

We offer curbside garbagerecycling and food/yard waste services, as well as, self-haul options for garbage, recycling, yard waste and household hazardous waste disposal at the Tacoma Recovery & Transfer Center.

The City’s solid waste utility is committed to:

  • Providing prompt, considerate and reliable customer service in a professional manner.
  • Implementing processes and technologies to make our services fiscally sound and environmentally sustainable.

To meet these objectives, we work with the City’s wastewater and surface water utilities to achieve exceptional environmental practices that are cost-efficient and sustainable.



Sustainable Materials Management 

In 2014, the Tacoma City Council reaffirmed our commitment to wasting less by passing Resolution 38907 in support of the 70 percent waste diversion goal established jointly by the City of Tacoma and Pierce County in the Tacoma-Pierce County Solid Waste Management Plan.


In 2015, Tacoma's Sustainable Materials Management Plan was created, followed by the 2016 Environmental Action Plan. Both plans aim to help our community achieve our waste diversion goal through recycling and other waste management strategies.


Sustainable materials management is an approach that examines the life-cycle of materials and products from raw material extraction to end of life (disposal) and recycling. It seeks to reduce environmental impacts by emphasizing waste prevention and materials management through all stages. Huge amounts of resources such as energy, water, minerals, and soils are consumed in the production, transportation and distribution phases. These activities have a tremendous impact on air, climate, and water quality. Recycling is one strategy helping our community make progress towards our goal of diverting 70 percent of our solid waste from landfills by 2028. Preventing waste in the first place helps even more. When we reduce waste at the source, produce with fewer toxins, and consume conservatively, we make more effective, efficient use of our valuable resources. For ideas on how you can waste less, visit our web page Waste Free 253.


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