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Law Enforcement Youth Camp

Law Enforcement Youth Camp (LEYC) is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity for disadvantaged youth within Pierce County to attend a summer camp that they might not be able to attend otherwise. It gives them a chance to interact with law enforcement and have positive experiences with the police, as well as experience the fun and positive interactions of attending a week-long camp.


The children are what the Law Enforcement Youth Camp is all about. Selected children take part in a variety of activities at camp including swimming, horseback riding, archery, fishing, a whiffle ball tournament, and campfire skits and songs. The kids are given a chance to see police officers and deputy sheriffs in roles they may never have seen them in. This gives the kids a chance to see that officers have lives that include families, hobbies and activities outside of law enforcement.

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the August 2020 Law Enforcement Youth Camp has been cancelled.


For more information, visit the LEYC website.