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Booking Lessons

 Before you book, read this


Before Scheduling a Lesson

  • Please notify your administration at the same time of lesson inquiry/booking
  • EnviroChallengers follow all student safety guidelines in a virtual classroom visits the same as an in-person, on site visits
  • During remote learning, the EnviroChallengers can attend virtual classrooms with live lessons
  • Lessons are now 15 minutes for standard lessons, and can be slightly longer for art lessons
  • We recommend having one teacher per grade band to coordinate visits
  • EnviroChallengers are available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between the hours of 9AM and 2PM
  • Email envirochallenger@cityoftacoma.org to schedule lessons
  • We will do our best to accommodate all requests and we recommend suggesting 3 times/dates for our virtual visit

How to Schedule a Lesson

  •  Emailenvirochallenger@cityoftacoma.org the following information:
  • (copy and paste into email): 
    • Name of teacher(s):

    • Name of School:

    • Grade level and number of students per class:

    • Lesson requested:

    • 3 times and dates of requested lessons:

    • Any special accommodations/considerations required:

    • Virtual Platform used:

    • Any other information necessary:

  • Please one email per lesson requested
  • Please request a lesson at least one week prior
  • Confirmations will be sent once request is booked and scheduled with our EnviroChallengers team

During a Lesson

  • Limit class size to 30 or fewer (ask in email if there is need to exceed this limit)
  • A teacher, or a responsible adult, is required to be in all virtual lessons at all times

Call or Email us to Discuss Booking Lessons

If you have further questions, or difficulty scheduling, please email us at envirochalleger@cityoftacoma.org – Please include a phone number and a time to call so that we can speak directly, if necessary. We will do our best to reply quickly (within 24 hours).