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A Better Tacoma

Based on a 14-month input process involving over 1,000 community members, the 2030 Tacoma Climate Action Plan (CAP) sets our community on a path to be carbon-neutral with proposed investments in healthy, affordable housing; clean, reliable transportation; protections for public health; and green, good-paying jobs by 2050. 

Better Tacoma


The Plan builds on recent policies, including the Decarbonization Resolution (2021), Climate Emergency Resolution (2019), and Anti-Racist Systems Transformation (2020), as well as planning and engagement processes, such as the 2021 Tideflats Public Engagement Plan, 2019-2020 Tacoma Community Survey, 2018 Affordable Housing Action Strategy, 2016 Environmental Action Plan, and 2015 Transportation Master Plan

“For future generations to meet their needs… we need to think about the economy in terms of environment and social needs… to include non-human and life-giving entities like bodies of water, mountains, watersheds…”
Tacoma community member

The 2030 Climate Action Plan at a Glance

  • 14-month public engagement and planning process 
  • 1,000+ community participants 
  • Prioritized frontline community members* 
  • Hundreds of climate actions proposed for consideration 
  • Guides community climate action through 2030 
  • Proposes 64 actions for immediate implementation through 2024 
  • Includes 18 actions for municipal operations improvements 
  • Estimates $2.5 billion in needed community climate investments 
  • Estimates $3.4 - $6.7 billion in avoided damages and efficiency savings 

*Frontline community members include those expected to experience the first and worst consequences of climate damage, and tend to be underrepresented, underserved, or made vulnerable; experience lower quality of life outcomes before COVID-19; or now experience worse impacts from the COVID-19 economic and health crisis. 

Better Tacoma

"Funding and staffing the Climate Action Plan provides Tacoma with an exciting opportunity to work at the crossroads of many community priorities. By carrying out this plan, we can build resilience in our neighborhoods through a connected and accessible transportation system, healthy and affordable housing, and a circular economy where jobs and growth support a thriving environment. To be clear, this is an ambitious plan to address a true emergency. We are committed to making investments that result in real change, but the City cannot fix climate change alone. We must rely on partnerships and the initiative of our fellow public agencies, private sector organizations, and everyday community members here in Tacoma.”
City of Tacoma Mayor, Victoria Woodards


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