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Green Living Map and Resources

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Tacoma’s Green Living Guide is an interactive map featuring many of Tacoma’s resources and efforts towards more sustainable living. Within it you’ll find information on how to get around in Tacoma, where to find locally grown food, places to enjoy nature within the city, and more.

The Green Living Guide earned honorable mention in the 2014 Storytelling with Maps from Esri, the worldwide leader in geographic information systems (GIS). Open the map to start exploring.


Green Living Guide Map


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Sustainability Resources in Tacoma

Within the map there are several topics related to sustainable living in our city (listed below). For even more information about each topic, click on the links in the sidebar to the left to find additional resources and helpful tips about living sustainably in Tacoma.


Find resources to learn more about nature and sustainability in Tacoma, plus the measures local universities are taking to become more sustainable.


Green Buildings

Learn about efficiency in buildings, solar panels and ways to make your home more efficient.


Energy, Water and Recycling

Get information from your local utility, Tacoma Public Utilities, and learn about recycling opportunities in the city.

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure uses plants, soils, and natural processes to encourage healthier urban environments. Discover rain gardens, green roofs and living walls around the city and find out how to create a rain garden at home.


Open Space

Open spaces are natural areas that provide important community space, habitat for plants and animals, and various recreational opportunities. Explore them along with local parks, which provide many of the same services.

Sustainable Agriculture

With over 30 community gardens, Tacoma has the goal of having the most per-capita than any other city in Washington State. It also has four Farmer’s Markets to choose from.

Sustainable Purchasing

Being conscious of how you spend your money is an important part of living sustainably. Many businesses around Tacoma offer consumers environmentally friendly products and services.


Tacoma has a variety of transportation options, including public transit, active transportation, car sharing, and electric vehicle charging stations.


Learn more about how to electric vehicles and how to save with Tacoma Public Utilities’ Cost Savings Calculator, and find your perfect electric vehicle match on ForthMobility.org.