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Process to Apply for a Residential Parking Zone

The establishment of Residential Parking Zones (RPZ) are considered upon resident request. A neighborhood may be eligible for zoned parking restrictions if it regularly experiences a significant amount of spillover parking from adjacent businesses or is near major parking generators of parked cars (high schools, shopping malls, etc). These restrictions require majority support from the neighborhood and a parking occupancy study. Applications are reviewed on a semiannual basis. Deadlines for application submissions are April 1 and October 1.


To Apply for a Residential Parking Zone, there must be a Petitioner

In order to begin the process for creating a Residential Parking Zone (RPZ), a designated petitioner must be appointed in order to fulfill certain requirements for the application process. 


Responsibilities of a Petitioner

A petitioner must be willing to:

  • Be the person of record and act as the primary contact for the Residential Parking Program (RPP) request
  • Take on the responsibility for RPP zone notifications
  • Maintain outreach integrity during the process of gathering support
  • Compile evidence to support the RPP zone creation should it be determined eligible
  • Serve as liaison for any community outreach within the boundaries of the requested RPP zone and/or adjacent segments as directed by the City of Tacoma.

Only one petitioner is allowed per an application request for an RPZ. Check your area's petitioner status before applying to be a petitioner.

Interested in Becoming a Petitioner?

Submit an application request to become a petitioner for your area. 




Locate Areas Eligible for Residential Parking Zones

Eligibility for RPZs and size requirements are determined by zone classifications. Enter your address below to determine the RPZ eligibility status for your neighborhood.


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For direct RPP account support, please email customerservicetacoma@reefparking.com or call customer service at (253) 627-4401.


To contact the Residential Parking Program (RPP), please email RPP@cityoftacoma.org or call us at (253) 591-5371.