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Accountability is important to us. At its core, that’s what Tacoma Open Data is all about.


We want you to continue to hold us accountable. We want you to continue engaging with us, even when we must have tough conversations. And we want you to continue informing the work that we do. With access to data from the City of Tacoma and its community partners through this new tool, we’re hoping to make it a lot easier for you to do that.


With no legal restrictions on use or reuse, you could really use the data available on Tacoma Open Data for just about anything. Want to get some research done? Want to develop an app? Want to better understand what makes Tacoma tick? Want to share that information with someone across the world?


All this, and more, is possible on Tacoma Open Data.


Access Tacoma Open Data



What does the term “open data” mean?


Open Data is defined as data that is available online, in an open format, with no legal encumbrances on use or reuse, and is available for all to access and download in full, without fees or a requirement of registration.


What to expect from Tacoma Open Data


Tacoma Open Data features data profiles tailored to specific user groups, ensuring that users can access content that is most relevant to their needs. The platform provides convenient data categories, allowing users to browse and discover content based on subject matter. With over 70 different data sets and more to come, Tacoma Open Data features a wide critical information, including: Bridge Data (WSDOT), City Council Districts, Equity Index, Fire and Police Data, and more.

Tacoma Open Data is a living platform. City departments are actively curating and updating data as it becomes available.



Online Resources

To request more data sets, contact Tacoma311.


Ask a question with TacomaFIRST 311 Customers can continue to utilize Tacoma FIRST 311 online resources to access more than 700 answers to commonly asked City-related questions, submit and track more than 70 types of requests for City services, and direct questions to City departments.




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