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MBDA Questionnaire

MBDA Event Intake form Questionnaire
MBDA Event Intake Questionnaire

City of Tacoma
MBDA Event Intake form Questoinnaire


Use this Event Intake Form to submit information to the City of Tacoma CEDD Minority Business Developement Agency so that the city can better serve and respond to your needs and questions.


1a. Event Start Date:          



1b. Event End Date: 


1c. Event Start Time:       



1d. Event End Time:


2. Duration of MBDA Event:


3. Location of MBDA Event:             


3.3 If Address is selected, enter the address of the event:


4. Registration Link (To be supplied by Business Sponsor )


5. Description of Event to include Itinerary and Agenda.


6. Templates for WA MBDA to use in order to publicize this event and/or PDF of where we can learn more about the event.


7. What topics are you requesting the WA MBDA share? 

 Most Popular: Local Washington MBDA Business Center Services (Tacoma & Greater Washington Regions).


 National MBDA Program


 Other Topics: Please describe 



8. What type of participation is requested of WA MBDA Team? 


8i. Attendance only (no presentation) (support role)


8ii. Host/Co-host (at MBDA venue)


8iii.Host/Co-host (at your venue, please make sure you specified the location in Q:3)


8iv. Keynote Speaker


8v. Sponsorship (please include/submit sponsorship link with detailed packages to 


8vi.  Table/Booth (promote MBDA services with branded marketing items)


8vii. Presentation, please specify by what method below?


a.  Verbal


b. Powerpoint


c. Other: Please specify 



9. Do you need the PowerPoint before the event:   


10. What will you provide (please include quantity and dimensions?)

10.1 - Space/Partitions    


10.2 - Table


10.3 - Chairs            


10.4 - Mics & Sound Equipment    


10.5 - Applicable Techology      


10.6 Other: Please specify 


11. Contact Information: 

11.a Business Name:


11.b Contact Name:


11.c Phone Number


11.d Email Address


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