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Requests for Case Information

To get information on your case, such as the hearing date, you can go to the Courts Information web site.
Entering the case number on that site will provide you with the hearing date, type of hearing, location of hearing, and other associated information.

This site has sections for:

  • Find My Court Date (includes case summary, calendar, and a list of associated activities)
  • Case Number/Case Name Search. You must know the participant's name and court involved. (includes a case summary, calendar, and list of associated activities)
  • Attorney's Search. Search is done based on the attorney's bar number. (returns case list associated with the attorney)
  • Name Search (lists people matching the name in all courts and court levels and includes the case number)
If a case cannot be found on this site or you have not yet received a case number, you may call our office using our contact information.