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TPD Project PEACE Action Items

The Tacoma Police Department (TPD) is committed to collaborating with community members to proactively identify and address public safety issues and concerns.  In 2015, the City of Tacoma launched Project PEACE (Partnering for Equity and Community Engagement) to continue building the relationship between the police department and our community members.  


Following a successful series of Project PEACE conversations, the Tacoma Police Department has continued this initiative by expanding and adding formal structure to many programs that the department had historically embedded in our Community Oriented Policing to help create safer neighborhoods and foster a higher level of community engagement.


The focus is on these six key pillars.


Pillar 1: Build Trust and Legitimacy

Become more accessible, open, approachable, and transparent with all segments of our community


Pillar 2: Improve Policy and Oversight

Implement a body worn camera program 


Pillar 3: Social Media

Greater use of social media to engage the community and help solve crimes


Pillar 4: Community Policing and Crime Reduction 

Greater collaboration between TPD and citizens


Pillar 5: Enhance Training and Education

Increase officer awareness on institutional racism/implicit bias/cultural competency and de-escalation.  Mental health trauma and crisis training


Pillar 6: Officer Wellness and Safety

Ensure the wellness and safety of our officers as it is critical not only to themselves, their co-workers, and the department but also to public safety