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One Tacoma: Comprehensive Plan

One Tacoma Plan 

One Tacoma is the City's Comprehensive Plan - it guides our community's development over the long term and describes how our community's vision for the future is to be achieved. In short, it is a blueprint for the future character of our City. The Plan guides decisions on land use, transportation, housing, capital facilities, parks and the environment. It also sets standards for roads and other infrastructure, identifies how they will be paid for, and establishes the basis for zoning and development regulations. The plan takes a long-range perspective on topics that address the physical, social, and economic health of the City.

How the One Tacoma Plan is Organized

The One Tacoma Plan is organized into "books". Book One comprises the core policy elements. Book Two includes functional and programmatic elements that more directly span both policy and code/implementation. Elements of Book One and Book Two are posted below for your review/download.


To view and download individual plan maps, visit the One Tacoma Plan Map Index.


Book One: Core Policy Elements

introduction and visionurban formdesign and developmentenvironment and watershed healthHousingeconomic developmenttransportationparks and recreationpublic facilities and servicescontainer portengagement, administration and implementationdowntown


Book Two: Implementation Programs and Strategies

shoreline master programCFP 2019-2024 historic preservation planhilltop subarea plannorth downtown subarea plansouth downtown subarea planTacoma Mall Neighborhood Subarea Plan



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