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Neighborhood Council Program

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Neighborhood Council Program Overview

The Neighborhood Council Program engages neighbors on issues and concerns that directly affect them, help craft solutions to mutual problems, and build a sense of pride and personal responsibility for their neighborhoods. The program is committed to racial equity in all operations and at this time is focused on increasing board representation of underrepresented communities. You can view Tacoma Municipal Code 1.45 and the Standards and Guidelines document for the Neighborhood Council Program to learn more about the program. 

Each Neighborhood Council serves as an independent, non-profit organization to promote community-based efforts for neighborhood improvement.

Any resident, business owner, employee, property owner or member of an existing neighborhood group within a Neighborhood Council area can join a Neighborhood Council.


Connect Directly with your Neighborhood Council

Find out more from your neighborhood council by navigating directly to the website, social media page, or email address provided below:

Neighborhood Council District Map

Search your address in the search bar on the map below to find the Neighborhood Council in your area.


Innovative Grant Program

In order to address budgetary shortfalls related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in light of the difficulty of many community projects during current restrictions, the City has suspended the Innovative Grant program for 2020.


For questions, please contact innovativegrants@cityoftacoma.org or call (253) 591-2047. To see a list of projects that have been funded in previous application cycles, view Past Projects.


General Inquiries

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